Arci Muñoz and JM de Guzman reminisce their youthful days in the theater

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!

BY: Pilar Mateo

jm arci

FUN and kilig! To beat the Summer heat. Starting April 10, 2019 in your favorite cinemas, ABS-CBN Films-Star Cinema, N2, and Emba brings “Last Fool Show” featuring Arci Muñoz and JM de Guzman.

Together with their award-winning director Eduardo Roy, Jr., Arcia and JM answered playfully and truthfully the questions hurled at them by the press.

They had a past. Classmates in UP. But the closeness never translated into something romantic. Sa Teatro.

“Bukod sa chubbyness siya noon, ‘di ba kasabihan na walang lalake sa teatro so I thought bading siya. Tapos, later nalaman ko may girlfriend din pala. Pero dahil siguro mga bata pa kami kaya wala, hindi ko naisip.

“I think 15 ako noon, artista na si JM. Napapanood ko na siya. Kasi nasa “Ang TV 2″ na siya.”

All their bonding together those times just kept their closeness intact.

The very reason they looked forward to that day that they can work together. And it has come in their movie “Last Fool Show”.

The story of Mayessa, an award-winning indie writer/director who is given the chance of a lifetime-to work with her dream production company.

As she gets tasked to make a romantic-comedy as her first project, unfortunately she has no idea how to do one. Hesitantly, she and her friends come up with the brilliant idea of turning her own love story with her ex-boyfriend, Paulo (JM), into a movie.

Now that calls for reliving their memories. And can Mayessa avoid the feelings that come with it?

Direk Roy already had Arci in mind when the project was conceptualized.

Both admitted that at some points in their lives, naging “tanga” o “engot” din sila.

jm arci2

Arci says, “Lagi sa ending, I question myself bakit amg tanga-tanga ko. May proseso. Galit na galit ka. Tapos, in denial. Gusto mo pa bumalik.” (Kean Cipriano, is that you?)

While JM was talking about how Arci is the closest person in his life, Arci’s tongue slips when she compares herself to another soul who is close to JM or is she getting closer to him these days? Ria Atayde.

“Patay tayo dyan kay tita Sylvia (Sanchez). Bakit naman napasok ‘yun?”

While the “bukuhan” continued to be the focal point of interrogating the two, a question came up about the drug test that would be implemented to artists of all the networks. Are they innfavornor not?

“Kung lahat naman will be requested to take the test, fair din lang naman siguro to take it. Ako naman, I don’t readily judge a person. It’s not the solution.”

For JM, “It’s a smart move. Pare-parehas . We have social responsibility. And ako, I have to set an example. For 3 years, I spent my life sa loob ng rehabilitation. May mga pinagdaanan din ako na hindi ko kinaya. I am still in that situation where I want to move on and fight na.”

jm arci3

They had it at hello years ago in the academe. But their eyes were set on different directions. Fast forward to the here and now, they are in the center of a Universe that the attraction is what keeps them apart.

This “Last Fool Show” opening in cinemas on April 10, 2019 showcases a romantic-comedy so very different from the genres direk Ed Roy has given us in the past.

The movie will have the aame showing with as Arci would put it, is JM’s future brother-in-law, Arjo Atayde and Jessy Mendiola.

Arci and JM could have been stranded in the world they were put then but it seemed they were the last fools to partake in a trivial thing called love being teenahers at that.

Now, they were meant to be in it together-as actors bonded by a great kind of friendship.

Who knows!

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