Sunshine Cruz focuses more on her career than her personal issues

pilar mateo sni The “P” Talks!

BY: Pilar Mateo

PORTAYING the villainess in “Mystified” as Hellga is ALV’s newest talent, Sunshine Cruz.

Whose line, “Well, well, well…and another well” is now being quoted by kids and adults alike.

After the screening, we met Sunshine in the Thanksgiving Party of her bosom friend Aiko Melendez and beau Mayor Jay Khonghun, who continues to reap awards here and abroad.

Aiko and Sunshine 2

“I don’t mind playing a villainess. Kasi, it’s a very challenging task. It’s a good thing that I get to perform and do several tasks na iba’t-iba. Drama, action din. And this project will definitely click with the whole family.”

Coming from a musical clan, Sunshine can also be cast in a musical. As she performed an impromptu number in Aiko’s party.

She keeps mum on the issues in her life. Keeping them under wraps in the care of her lawyer.

“Millions are millions. Pinagpaguran at pinaghirapan ko ‘yun. So, alam niyo na!”

Well, well, well and another well!

In real life, Sunshine and Sissy Aiko are feisty and empowered women. Don’t you dare mess up with them!

aiko sunshine

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