Alessandra de Rossi portrays another challenging role in “Intercedente”

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YESTERDAY, March 13, people of the press and bloggers were gathered in a story conference of Alessandra de Rossi‘s upcoming film, Intercedente. It was held at 55 Events Place in Quezon City.

Alessandra plays a role as a single mother named Josie. The story focuses on the mother’s struggles of dealing with a community she embraced after her 16 year old son, Andrew, diagnosed with HIV.

Josie is still fighting a treacherous battle in her life as she tries to mend her past in the hope of becoming a good mother. Having been traumatized from her abusive bouts with Andrew’s father and developing nervous breakdown symptoms along the way, she willfully dedicates all her time in making ends meet for them.

Yesterday at the story conference for the new independent film INTERCEDENTE, produced by Myles Entertainment in…

Posted by CinemaBravo on Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Meanwhile, Andrew becomes one of the youngest recorded HIV victims in the Philippines, His innocence leads to a very serious condition which he will not only carry with him forever, but will also put him in place where society’s judgement will fall upon his shoulders and dictate the way he should live the rest of his life.

Aside from Alessandra, the film also stars Dexter Doria, Teri OnorMailes Kanapi, Kiko Matos, Kokoy de Santos, Renshi de Guzman, and introducing Lorenzo Santiago.

Independent film Intercedente produced by Myles Entertainment in association with Cinema Bravo, and directed by Jill Singson Urdaneta. For more information, visit Cinema Bravo’s official Facebook page.

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