Up Close and Personal with Manny Nuezca

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I noticed a gradual rise of bodybuilding competitions in the Philippines. Just recently, the Shawn Rhoden Classic Philippines was held last December 2018 in Solaire Resort and Casino. There will be similar competition related to that in the future.

One of the people who competes in this kind of competition is Manny Nuezca, a 35 year old fitness coach. He started to compete in bodybuilding competitions few years ago.

Manny Nuezca (2)

He received several awards from here and abroad. He placed 1st Runner-Up in Great Bodies 2015. Because of this, he became the Philippine representative of the 2016 Fitness Universe and placed 2nd in the Male Fitness category. It was held in Miami, Florida, USA.

A year later, he placed 2nd in Men’s Bodybuilding (75kg+ up to 80kg) category in 2017 Mr. Philippines, and in 2018, he was a gold medalist in Shawn Rhoden Classic.

For more information or inquiries, visit Manny Nuezca‘s Facebook page.

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