Monsour Del Rosario Aims to Help the Movie Industry in Reforms in the Future

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BY: Maria Urduja Osit Li

Monsour del Rosario

Amid His busy schedule Makati Reprentative Monsour del Rosario manages to take a break from his busy campaign sorties and work in Congress to meet with the Entertainment press last month.

Airing His side on the decline of viewers of movies made by mainstream producers in the country,   many factors was mentioned by Rep. Monsour del Rosario causing the Philippine movie industry’s down fall.

There is piracy apart from competition from foreign movies that viewers can choose from, He said.


The taxes, fees for Stuntmen, production staff, and talent fees of movie stars has sky rocketed, not to mention the malls with pricey tickets  also.

Asked if He would do something to regulate a level playing field between malls and the viewers and  the film industry as a whole while in Congress, “We will try” he said.

Currently on the campaign trail, Monsour is busy doing his rounds in different barangays in Makati attending to the needs of the public specially  the elderly to whom he has a soft spot.

His District office is open to constituents who are in need of medical, dental attention in including educational scholarships to deserving students in Makati.

Monsour del Rosario1

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