Feel All The Feels This Love Month With YA Movie ‘Snow Flower’

rohn romulo

BY: Rohn Romulo

Opening on February 6, the super kilig Japanese movie “Snow Flower” is a hit in the making. 

Loved the movies The Fault In Our Stars, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, and Kita Kita? Here’s a new Japanese YA film that’s bound to melt your heart this Valentine’s Day. Opening on February 6, Snow Flower is about Miyuki (Ayami Nakajo) a bright young woman who sadly has only one year left to live. After she receives the doctor’s prognosis, she serendipitously meets a kind stranger named Yusuke (Hiroomi Tosaka) in wintertime Tokyo.

When they cross paths again six months later, she finds out that Yusuke’s café workplace desperately needs financial assistance. Her time running out, she gathers the courage to offer Yusuke a deal: be her boyfriend for one month in exchange for one million yen. After a moment of hesitation, he agrees to keep his job and support his younger siblings.

Thus begins their whirlwind romance in the height of summer. Every moment becomes a cherished memory for Miyuki: their first date, their shared baon, their goodnight messages. Beginning in Tokyo, their love story culminates in Finland, where Miyuki hopes her last wish will come true: to see the rare red aurora in the winter wonderland where her parents met.

This sweeping romance will surely make you feel kilig this Valentine’s  Day. Based on the iconic Japanese winter song “Yuki no Hana” (Snow Flower), the young adult movie is directed by Kojiro Hashimoto and distributed by Axinite Digicinema in the Philippines.

Nakajo & Tosaka in SNOW FLOWER movie

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