Wilbert Tolentino, promises a bigger and grander ‘THE ONE 690’

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Successful businessman and Mr. Gay World-Philippines 2009, Wilbert Tolentino, launched the evolution of entertainment bars which is highlighted by the one-of-a-kind 24 production numbers he conceptualized, and it’s perfect for the millennials!

These fabulous performances are definitely world-class, and are featured in THE ONE 690 (located at #39 Roces Ave. in Quezon City, infront of Amoranto Sports Complex).


The History

Since 1972, Club 690’s entertainment definitely showcases quality diversion and recreation.

Already in business since the Martial Law and when curfew hours were strictly imposed, when women were not yet allowed to enter the club.

Founded by Boy Fernandez and managed by Raoul Barbosa, the entertainment club closed temporarily until Wilbert opened it again with co-owner/manager Genesis Gallios.

The two partners also are the brains behind the concept of the evolution of their shows.
According to Wilbert: “At ang trivia, since 2004 binigyan ako ng basbas na ipagpatuloy ang 690 ni Boy Fernandez dahil nakita niya ang passion ko sa entertainment industry… and the rest is history!”

Great entertainment for everyone

As time passed by, women started to patronize the entertainment bar, and other clubs with similar theme.

At present, the club is definitely no longer “for gays only”. People of all gender, people from all walks of life patronize the bar without any hesitation, whatsoever.

The awesome Las Vegas-type production numbers and amazing costumes are praised and enjoyed by everyone. The club features Las Vegas-type shows and numbers that are comparable to Broadway in New York, and Moulin Rouge in Paris.

Of course, the hunky and good-looking male models are still the main attractions of the club. “The entertainment bar business has definitely evolved and is in tune with the modern times,” says Wilbert.

And the good news; Wilbert is gearing up to put more establishments that will cater to the general public and will surely add glitter to the field of entertainment this 2019.

From underground to mainstream, as a new millennium begins. The gay bar industry is indeed becoming more open and welcoming to the public as more and more guests come to visit THE ONE 690 and Apollo World Class Male Entertainment & KTV Bar (in 717-B Roxas Boulevard) in Baclaran.

“We levelled-up The ONE 690 with our regular Girls Night Out which is trending among female millennials. We also have many bookings of bridal shower parties!

“Open-minded na ang society ngayon compared noong 70’s 80’s & 90’s na henerasyon. Kaya ginat namin ang tagline na “IT’S QUALITY MEN ENTERTAINMENT”.
Wilbert further added. “‘Old school gay bar’ no more!”

Bigger and Bolder

THE ONE 690 is dubbed as “THE CLUB THAT STARTED IT ALL” of the Philippines and the very first gay entertainment bar to have a billboard in EDSA and highways.

This is also one of the reasons why the management of Wilbert & Genesis decided to put up APOLLO WORLD CLASS MALE ENTERTAINMENT & KTV BAR.

Bolder. Wiser. Sexier.

These are probably the adjectives to best describe THE ONE 690 ENTERTAINMENT BAR.
Visit their website now.

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