Indonesian actress Echa Frauen, wants to enter showbiz in the Philippines

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ONLY stayed for a few months, Indonesian actress-model Echa Frauen already embraced the culture and the people in the Philippines.

Echa was well known in her hometown as a DJ, actress, and model. Because of her good physique and charming good-looks, she always featured in men’s magazines in Indonesia, including Max, and Popular.

She has over 20,200 subscribers on her YouTube channel, and almost 300,000 followers on her Instagram account.

We had a chance to talk to Echa about her career in Indonesia, and her future career goals in the Philippines.

SNI: Tell me. Who is Echa Frauen?

Echa: Hello, I’m Echa Frauen from Indonesia… I’m a model there. Sometimes, I do shoots and I have a movie already. I’m also a YouTuber and do vlogs. I’m also a DJ, and I have a business there in Indonesia.

SNI: Why did you decide to come in the Philippines? What do you expect to see here?

Echa: First, I visited my friend (model-actress Ara Altamira), because she’s the only friend that I have from the other country. She used to be working in Indonesia. So when I get here, I just want to see her, and then I see the culture here.

SNI: So, do you want to work here as model/artist/actress?

Echa: Work? Maybe later I try, because right now I can’t speak Tagalog, and maybe I will study the language.

SNI: So, what do you think about the entertainment industry in the Philippines?

Echa: It’s easier to enter showbiz in the Philippines, because, in Indonesia, it’s very hard to get through in the entertainment industry. We should know our concept, and everything before we enter show business.

SNI: When it comes to work, is there any difference between Philippines and Indonesia?

Echa: I think it’s almost the same.

SNI: Do you have a movie?

Echa: Yes. It was in 2017. The title is 10: The Secret Mission. If you want to see my movie, go to, and you can see me there as a main character. I used to have a short hair there, my name there was Susan, and I did martial arts there, because it’s an action movie.

SNI: How long did you take the movie?

Echa: I think more than a year. They were training us first for the fight scenes. It’s a real fight, and there was no stunt double.

Get to know more about Echa Frauen by following her on Instagram at subscribe to her YouTube channel.



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