Rayantha Leigh, getting ready for her concert in Japan; signs a contract for the 2nd season of “Bee Happy Go Lucky”

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IT’S going to be a very busy year for the PMPC Star Awards for Music winner Rayantha Leigh. From her release of her third single to her upcoming concert in Japan.

On February 1, She’ll release her third single titled Puro Papogi. It’ll release on digital stores, including Spotify, iTunes, and Deezer. After this, she’ll release her album under Ivory Music & Video.

Also in February, she’s one of the artists for the big event in Taytay titled, Taytay Town Fiesta.

Just last week, she signed a contract, together with her co-stars, for the second season of Bee Happy Go Lucky. The said show was produced by SMAC Television Production. The first season premiered on Net25, but the SMAC management announced that they will broadcast the second season on IBC 13. Bee Happy Go Lucky will start in February on IBC 13 every Friday at 7 PM.

Rayantha is one of the most in demand Filipino artists in Japan. We remembered that she won several awards in Japan, including Young Achiever Awardee: Outstanding Asia Teen Performer 2018 in last year’s 5th World Class Excellence Japan Award. She’ll perform live for her upcoming concert in Tokyo, Japan this year. She’s going to perform with DJ Airene.

Lastly, she’s the new endorser of a Flipino perfume brand, Halimuyak Perfume; and a mushroom snack, MushBetter Crispy Mushrooms.

Fro further information about Rayantha, visit her official Facebook page. You can also listen to her songs on Spotify.

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