Beautederm CEO Rhea Tan on how to be a great boss in your own business

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BEAUTY and brains. This is how people describe the Beautederm CEO Rhea Anicoche-Tan. Rhea was used to be a radio talent in an Ilocano drama, and took Marketing at the St Louis University in Baguio. Now, she owned a million-peso beauty business, Beautederm.

Beautederm is a local brand from Angeles City, Pampanga that manufactures and distributes more than 60 products that include whitening soap and lotion, bleaching items, facial care kits, and more. One of their celebrity endorsers is Matt Evans, Carlo Aquino, Sylvia Sanchez, Arjo Atayde, Alma Concepcion, and more

For the past few years, her brand won several awards including the following:

  • Outstanding Skincare & Whitening Product Provider in the 35th Seal of Excellence Consumer Quality Award
  • Best Quality Health & Beauty Products Specialist (National Awards) in the 2016 Global Awards for Marketing and Business Excellence
  • Best Skincare & Whitening Products Provider in the 28th Asia-Pacific Excellence 2016 Awards
  • TOP Choice Beauty Products Provider (National Awards) in the Philippine Top Choice Awards
  • Outstanding Professional Award 2018 from Superbrands

rhea tan

During the awards night of Superbrands last November, she mentioned three things to be a successful in business and life, “I believe in 3 things when it comes to success.

“Faith—I have strengthened my faith through prayer and thanksgiving. In every decision I come across, I make sure to ask for His guidance before anything else. It will never be cliché for me to give thanks and praise for all the blessings.

“Hardwork—My determination, drive and passion have always pushed me into doing things that I thought were impossible. Today, I work as hard as I did when I started. I have been hands on and will continue to strive harder to improve and pass on my resilience to others.

“Inspiration—I keep myself surrounded by those who inspire me to achieve success. My family, my friends, my loyal staff, and everyone who believes in me and what I can do. Negativity has never been a part of my life and so I keep a positive outlook and take in the things that will keep me inspired.” She said.

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