Patrick Libao wins Best Actor at the 2018 Aliw Awards

throy Catan
By: Throy Catan

After more than a decade of dedication as an actor, Philippine Stagers Foundation‘s Patrick Libao won Best Actor in a Featured Role (Musical) in this year’s Aliw Awards held at the Fiesta Pavilion in The Manila Hotel last Thursday, December 13st.

Patrick played a role as Emilio Jacinto in a re-imagined Andres Bonifacio biopic,  Supremo Redux.

He shared his reaction about the award he received on his Facebook and thanked the people and God for supporting him, “After 13 years and 6 nominations, I finally got mine. Thank you Aliw Awards Foundation for making me the best featured actor in a musical.

“Thank you my Lord and Savior for the best gift you gave me. The amount of talent and skills. Thank you for reminding me that I have a purpose as an artist, to inspire, to make a difference and possibly to transform nations.” Patrick said.

He also congratulated the Philippine Stagers Foundation that bagged two awards, including Best Original Musical Production for Supremo Redux and Best Actor in a Featured Role (Non-Musical) for Vance Larena in Dilaw o Pula, “Congratulations to everyone! To Philippine Stagers Foundation for winning the Best Musical of the year to my mentor direk Vince Tañada, hati tayo dito. Utang na loob ko sayo lahat. Sa aking kapatid Vance Larena sabay tayo nagsimula sabay rin tayo nagtagumpay.” He said.

Patrick was nominated in several award giving body, such as Aliw Awards and Broadway World Awards. His first nomination in the Aliw Awards for his performance as the title role in the musicale Joe: A Filipino Rockssical in 2012. Last year, he was part of several theater productions, like Limitless Production’s Age of Ice, Dalanghita Production’s Tatlong Linggong Pag-ibig, Block Box Productions’ Mula sa Buwan, and Egg Theater’s Work in Progress 2016.

Patrick is also a writer. Some of his works are LahugBala at KrusFelipa, and Loob.

For more information about Philippine Stagers Foundation, visit their official Facebook page.


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