Philippine Stagers Foundation, received major awards at the 31st Aliw Awards

throy Catan
By: Throy Catan

IT was a huge night for the Philippine Stagers Foundation as they received three major awards at this year’s Aliw Awards held at the Fiesta Pavilion in The Manila Hotel last Thursday, December 13st.

The three major awards they received are the following:

  • BEST ORIGINAL MUSICAL PRODUCTION: Supremo Redux (Philippine Stagers Foundation)
  • BEST ACTOR IN A FEATURED ROLE (MUSICAL): Patrick Libao (Supremo Redux/Philippine Stagers Foundation)
  • BEST ACTOR IN A FEATURED ROLE (NON MUSICAL): Vance Larena (Dilaw o Pula/Philippine Stagers Foundation)

Founder of Philippine Stagers Foundation Atty. Vince Tañada thanked Aliw Awards on his Facebook page for the recognition they received. It said: “Thank you for the validation. Thank you for recognizing our passion and hardwork. Thank you for acknowledging theatre not only a medium for entertainment but also a tool to educate, to inspire, to change lives and ultimately to transform the society. Thank you for recognizing a running play, now with over 400 performance for a period of 5 months and will still run till March, 2019. Thank you to our families for the inspiration. And most of all, thank you to God Almighty, the source of our power and strength.”

This is not the only awards they received in Aliw Awards. They’ve received more than 10 major awards since 2007. That includes Best Musical Production awards for Katips, Ang Mga Bagong Katipunero (2016), Cory Ng Edsa (2011), and Ako Si Ninoy (2009).

Vince also encouraged people to help him bring his play, Supremo Redux, to schools nationwide, “#SupremoRedux is this year’s Best Musical in the Aliw Awards. It is a modern take on the life of Andres Bonifacio which will benefit our young students artistically and academically.

“Please help us bring this play to the schools and make theater a powerful tool to educate, to inspire, to change lives and ultimately to transform the society.” said Vince.

For more information about Philippine Stagers Foundation, visit their official Facebook page.

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