UBC Online Store, a new online store for the LGBT community

throy Catan
By: Throy Catan

LGBTQIA+ influencer and entrepreneur Wilbert Tolentino launches his new business venture called UBC Online Store. Like any other online stores, it sells affordable items such as clothes, beauty products, electronics, etc. However, the said online store gives a platform for business-minded individuals within the LGBT community.

Not only they sell items, but also they give something from the people in needs. The main goal is to help the chosen charities to receive funds. Every time you buy stuff from UBC Online Store, the sales will go to the chosen charities and other charitable projects.

To further magnify the core value of the online store, UBC chose three UBC Ambassadors for a Cause: upcoming heartthrob Allen Cecillio, commercial model Sanchzna Laparan, and the founder himself, Wilbert Tolentino. They were chosen because of their influence through social media, and they are the most respected individuals in social media and entertainment industry.

The brand Allen by Allen Cecillio showcases his new hair styling products. Sachzna has her own shampoo and hair serum products called Simply Sachzna. Wilbert Tolentino promotes his new perfume brand, Sir Will Collection.

UBC Shopping is Helping” Online Store website will soon be uploaded. Visit the official social media page for more information.

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