MTRCB’s Matalino at Responsableng Panonood Campaign Goes to Bohol

throy Catan
By: Throy Catan

MTRCB Board Members with Dr. Rose Baseleres

On 08-10 November 2018, MTRCB brings its Matalino at Responsableng Panonood campaign to Bohol. The MP team is scheduled to conduct its campaign at the Holy Name University, University of Bohol and at Bohol Island State University. This information dissemination campaign conducted regularly by the Agency aims to bring the importance of its classification ratings to the regions.

The team is composed of Board Members (BM) and staff. BM Raymond Aquino will enlighten the audience on the powers and functions of the MTRCB. BMs Gloria Sevilla and Luke Mejares will discuss the TV and Film Classification, respectively; BM Johnny Revilla will give a walk-
through of the review process; and BM Marco “Bogart” Ho will encourage the public to help the Agency in monitoring.

During the giving of Certificate of Appreciation to Holy Name University, Bohol (from left to right): MTRCB BM Raymond Aquino, BM Luke Mejares, BM Marco Ho, BM Johnny Revilla and Holy Name University President, Fr. Francisco Estepa.

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