Flying High Productions, Director Errol Ropero announces production of six advocacy films

throy Catan
By: Throy Catan

Flying High Productions, a newly-formed production outfit, team-up with a staunch advocate for advocacy films– director Errol Ropero, in the production of its six films and the filming of A Walk to Remember and Sarah and Cedie.

The six films are The Prince of Music, My Music Hero Teacher, Mga Munting Pangarap, Science En Marsha, A Walk to Remember, and Sarah and Cedie.

The Prince of Music is about a deaf-mute Filipino teacher who becomes an idol in Thailand–a music teacher by accident.

My Music Hero Teacher is a prequel to The Prince of Music. This happens before the deaf-mute teacher’s story. It’s about a teacher whose music hero is his father.

Mga Munting Pangarap is about three siblings: first is a pilot, the second is a Marine, and third is a teacher. They suffer many hardships since they’re kids, and get separated. Will they meet again and be happy for a change?

A Walk to Remember is a heart-rending family story of a boy with Muscular Dystrophy, a rare disease that disables one to walk. How his parents fight to make him live like a normal kid is at the core of this film.

Sarah and Cedie is a tale of a modern-day Princess and Price– two siblings who lose their parents in an accident and inherit huge wealth but a treacherous kin makes things not that easy for the two orphans.

These six advocacy films by Flying High Productions, which deal with the hearts of young people, are all educational and inspiring.

They will all be acreened in schools all over the country, in cooperation with the Department of Education.

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