The Witcher fans divided over Henry Cavill’s new look as Geralt

By: Jo-Marie Bala

LAST Wednesday, October 31, Netflix US released the first look of Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia for his upcoming show, The Witcher. The said show was based on a novel series written by a Polish writer named Andrzej Sapkowski, and was adopted and released as a  video game in 2007 by a Polish company named CD Projekt Red.

Netflix posted a video of Cavill’s screen test as Gerald wearing his long white wig and his costume made out of black leather. In the video, he walked forward from the darkness, stared at the camera, drank a some kind of a potion, and he didn’t say any word. The teaser kind of reminds me of Joaquin Phoenix‘s first look as a Joker.

legolas geralt

Of course, the fans were divided on what they think about Henry Cavill’s look as Geralt. Most of them said that Cavill’s Geralt is a combination of Orlando Bloom’s Legolas from The Lord of The Rings movie series and Jason Isaacs’ Lucius Malfoy from the Harry Potter movie series.

Some want Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal) to play Geralt of Rivia instead of Cavill.

mads witcher.jpg

Despite of the negative comments, there were people defending Cavill and theorize that Netflix will focus on the Geralt’s origin story, “People used to playing the video game Witcher need to understand, in the 3rd one, where Geralt is at his oldest, he has that scarred grizzled look because he’s been at the monster hunting thing for a while. The fact he has NO SCARS = early life/origin story.” commenter said.

Some said that the reason why Cavill’s version doesn’t have cat-like eyes and scars it’s because the Netflix’s Witcher series will base on the book, and not the video game. “Geralt’s pupils are not always “cat”-like. Witcher mutations allow his eyes to dynamically adjust to the environment. 1.) Scars – he never had a scar over his eye in the books. 2.) We’ll get to see how he received some scars in the show i.e. near fatal on his neck from Striga.” Sean Chambers said.

geralt witcher book

Cavill stars alongside Freya Allan as Ciri, Anya Chalotra as Yennefer, and Anna Shaffer as Triss. No definite release date for now, but according to Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, the screenwriter of Netflix’s The Witcher, said on her Twitter page that we could well be waiting until 2020 for it to arrive on Netflix.

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