Joshua Lumbao, the youngest of the ‘Broadway Boys’, performed with emotions and connection in every song

By: Rohn Romulo

AS the youngest member of Eat Bulaga’Broadway BoysJoshua Lumbao has shown emotions and connection to every song he has performed.

This 12-year old boy hails from Baguio City and at a young age had shown a great interest in classical music and old songs.

A homeschooler, he spends his free time playing the piano or guitar, composing music, and watching documentaries to name a few.

First to be seen on national TV, Joshua auditioned in Eat Bulaga’s Lola’s Playlist, a singing competition open for young kids.

Eventually, he made it to the Elite Circle of 5, where 2 finalists compete against each other everyday until the best 3 are left to contend for the title, the Ultimate Champion.


Sadly, Joshua didn’t make it to the last 3. It was during that time that he got sick to the point where he needed to be rushed to the emergency room at 3 different times for a 39 degree fever.

There was even a time when Joshua had to take a nap a few minutes before his performance so he can regain his strength. Hadn’t he gotten sick, he might have made it to the Ultimate Battle of the Champions.

A few days after his 10th birthday, Eat Bulaga called him to perform together witb the 3 finalists of Lola’s Playlist. It was then that bossing Vic Sotto dubbed them as the country’s youngest singing boy group, the Broadway Boys.

For almost 2 years now, Joshua has been performing with local and international singers every Saturday at Eat Bulaga.

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