M. Butterfly’s photo exhibit, “The Chrysalis”, captures the beauty of a perfect woman

throy Catan
By: Throy Catan

WHAT is chrysalis? If you look at the definition of the word chrysalis in Merriam-Webster Dictionary, it is a pupa or a protecting covering of a caterpillar during the stage of becoming a butterfly. It is also a symbolic to how RS Francisco once again brings M. Butterfly to the country, and plays the iconic role named Song Liling.

The award-winning actor first appeared as Song Liling in the Dulaang UP‘s M. Butterfly in 1990. After his long hiatus, he spreads his wings again like a butterfly, and re-live his iconic performance that gave birth to several benevolent projects which includes the The Chrysalis photo exhibit.


The Magnificent 7

The Chrysalis photo exhibit showcases the talents of the seven finest photographers in the country: Jun De Leon, Raymund Isaac, Manny Librodo, Mandy Navasero, BJ Pascial, Wig Tysmans, and Patrick Uy. On the other hand, Eric Pineda is in-charge of costume design. Using their own style, they give their own interpretation of the “perfect woman” as embodied by Song Liling.

All the photos will be auctioned, and 100% of the proceeds in the exhibit will also go to charity. Particularly, to a chosen foundation of the photographer who captured the photo.

The Silent Auction

The event will take place at the main hall of the Maybank Performing Arts Theater from September 12-30, 2018 in which photos will be sold through a silent auction. With a starting bid of P 50,000, only three limited edition prints of each Master photographer were produced for the exhibition.

For those who are interested, you must send your silent bids to either the following email address or mobile number: mbutterflymanila@gmail.com / 0917-623-3834.

Kindly include the following information together with your bids: full name, home address, email, and mobile number. Deadline is on September 29 at 12 noon.

All the winners will be contacted, and can claim their chosen artwork on September 30 at the M. Butterfly Registry in Maybank Performing Arts Theater on or before 8 PM upon settlement of payment.

For further information, kindly contact Isha Germentil at 0917-623-3834.


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