Y Bizz Launch Party Celebrating Partnership with GreatnessLab, Cypher Learning, & Kick Fire Kitchen

rohn romulo
By: Rohn Romulo


THE future of innovation has just arrived, a new high-performance project and trust collaborative platform, held a launch of its partners in Y Bizz Incubator last July 27, 2018.

Y Bizz Incubator is thrilled to announce a brand new partnership with a new set innovator, GreatnessLabCypher Learning, & Kick Fire Kitchen. The event marked the beginning of Y Bizz Incubator’s tie up with GreatnessLab, Cypher Learning, & Kick Fire Kitchen.

At the launch, Y Bizz Incubator’s investments manager, Mr. Jake Villanueva, gave his warm welcome to the attendees and then followed by a detailed introduction to the brand structure, purpose, mission and vision of Y Bizz Incubator. The Y Investments CEO, Mr. Frankie Meng also spoke at the event and shared his speech to everyone. Mr. Frankie Meng have shared his experiences on the cause of transforming lives, why supporting the youth is important to them.

The partnership aims explore application development, outreach and incubation, and together build a new generation of strategic and industry consultancy and services for the Y Bizz ecosystem.

Y Bizz partners attended to introduce each of their business and what they could offer. Partners who attended included: GreatnessLab, a specialist in e-learning services using global expertise and world-class technology, also an innovation company designing solutions and spreading ideas; Cypher Learning, an e-learning company based in San Francisco that provides learning platforms through their 3 products which are: NEO, INDIE and MATRIX; Kick Fire Kitchen is a team of motivators, culture builders, and idea catalysts who cook up high energy, creative, and highly interactive programs.

Each partner had a quick introduction of their company. The first speaker was Ms. Maan Sta. Ana of GreatnessLab then it was followed by their partner representative from Microsoft, Mr. Eufer Paison. After Mr. Eufer Paison’s talk, he was followed by Ms. Arlynne Awayan, Director for Customer Success and Engagement South East Asia of Cypher Learning and last but not the least Mr. David O’ Hagan, CEO of Kick Fire Kitchen.

It was also announced that for GreatnessLab’s first project will be organizing a Management Analytics Workshop last Monday, August 6, 2018. It was also mentioned at the event GreatnessLab’s collaboration with Microsoft. Mr. Eufer Paison, Microsoft representative had a quick talk during the event and had a message of support from a global and local partner. The said workshop will be a 4 days and will be facilitated by Mr. Jed Loma, a Business Analytics Trainer, and currently, the Head of the Master in Management Program of Asia Pacific College (APC), and the Vice President of Operations Research Society in the Philippines.

The night was filled with laughter, live music by Songs of Fridays, and insightful talks of how prosperous the new partnership was.

The crowd listened in anticipation for the official partnership ceremonial handshake. Wine and canapés flowed all night, with a slight pause for some raffle giveaway and a Lego Serious Play which was facilitated by Mr. David O’ Hagan that the attendees did not expect.

These are the fragments of what really happened at the event. Check out the highlights from the spectacular night below.

Keep an eye out during the rest of 2018 for more exclusive events and announcements! Follow and like them on Facebook and Instagram.

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