Game of Thrones star, Jessica Henwick, cancels her visit to Manila

By: Jo-Marie Bala

MANILA’S international comic convention, AsiaPop Comicon, announced that Jessica Henwick won’t be able to visit Manila this year. The APCC’s official statement was released this afternoon, June 29, on the APCC’s official Facebook page.

Jessica Henwick was known for her portrayal as Nymeria Sand in Game of Thrones, and Colleen Wing in The Defenders.

“It breaks our hearts to share this news. Jessica Henwick, one of our announced celebrity guests for APCC Manila 2018, won’t be able to join us this year.” Said the APCC management.

This kind of announcement is not new. Captain America star, Hayley Atwell, canceled her visits to Manila twice due to her hectic schedule. She supposed to be one of the main guests of ComicCon Asia 2018, but canceled it, because of the ‘political unrest in the country’. She denied the statement, and explained her side of the story on Instagram.

According to my source, when the actor’s agency receives a better paying project, they either negotiate a higher price to the previously booked event or just cancel it. So far, APCC didn’t mention why Jessica and her agent cancel her trip.

APCC is now preparing for the big announcement next week. “Chin up, though, as we are working hard to bring you more awesomeness into this event. In fact, get READY for a big announcement this coming week!” They said. Hopefully, a new guest (*fingers cross*).

For more information about refunds and other announcements, visit AsiaPop Comicon Manila’s official Facebook page, and the APCC website.

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