32 Beauties to vie for MISS MANILA 2018, P1-M package for the winner

rohn romulo

By: Rohn Romulo

WHO will reign next?

The City of Manila and MARE Foundation, together with VIVA Live, once again team up to crown the MISS MANILA 2018.

On its fifth consecutive year, Miss Manila is not only looking for a woman of beauty, but also of empowerment, personifies social awareness, and embodies a true Manileña with grace, passion, and optimism.

miss manila 2018

In celebration of ‘Araw ng Maynila’, under the decree of Mayor Joseph Ejercito Estrada, proceeds of this year’s pageant will benefit MARE Foundation, a non-profit institution headed by Chairperson and Pagent Director, Ms. Jackie Ejercito.

The official candidates for Miss Manila 2018 are:
1. Esel Mae Pabillaran
2. Lux Coleen Brusas
3. Charlotte Jhiza Beleno
4. Genesis Durana

MM2018_GOWN_1 MM2018_GOWN_2 MM2018_GOWN_3 MM2018_GOWN_4

5. Elaine Contreras
6. Kristi Celyn Banks
7. Ria Angelique Siozon
8. Julee Anne Mae Cabrera

10. Paulina Labayo
11. Malka Suaver
12. Ma. Flordeliza Mabao

14. Dyan Shane Mag-abo
15. Leitz Camyll Ang
16. Therese Marie Marguerette Gaston

18. Maria Lianina Macalino
19. Nikki Lim Sotelo
20. Agatha Lei Romero

22. Christine Roazol
23. Joanna Day
24. Angelique Mae Santos

26. Juliee Ann Forbes
27. Zeta Erin Alegre
28. Joan Patrice Dulina

30. Samantha Elin Coloso
31. Beatriz Canary Tolentino
32. Lean Dominique Lalu

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