“Pursuing Your Passion” is the theme for the very first “TFCU Talks Sydney”

throy Catan

By: Throy Catan

Students and young professionals gathered for the very first TFCU Talks Sydney happened last April 7, Monday, at the Blacktown Workers Club in New South Wales, Australia.

Anchoring on the theme “Pursuing Your Passion”, TFCU Talks Sydney tapped Marco Andre Selorio, Gretchen Ho, and Eman Rodriguez to talk about their journey to self-discovery that led them to their respective careers.


What is TFCU?

TFCU is an initiative which aims to connect, inspire, and empower Filipino college students and young professionals through the TFCU Talks event which features industry professionals and personalities who share their stories to inspire the younger generation to realize their full potential while embracing their cultural identity.

Students and young professionals gathered to be inspired at the first TFCU Talks Sydney

TFCU TALKS Sydney follows the trail of a series that began in the U.S. and which include the following: “TFCU Breaking the Mold” which featured Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race” season four winner Lanai Tabura; “TFCU Talks Carson: Rise Up” where actress and philanthropist Monique Coleman shared her inspiring journey; and “TFCU Talks Embracing Identity” where comedienne and YouTube personality Christine Gambito (happyslip) was one of the speakers.  TFCU Talks have also been held in the Philippines featuring tech millionaire and adventure journalist Garrett Gee, computer engineer and innovator Aisa Mejeno and digital marketer Jonathan Joson.

“We started empowering young people in America, but I felt the need to empower the younger generation in a greater way because we all have a dream, we all have a gift, and we all have something to share,” said Romeo Marquez Jr., TFCU program director, during his welcoming remarks at the “TFCU Talks Sydney”.

TFCU Talks Sydney-2

Pursuing Your Passion according to Marco, Gretchen, and Eman

The talk starts with Marco Andre Selorio, sports writer and founder of HOOPDREAMZ. His company has organized events like the renowned dance competition World Supremacy Battlegrounds, and the talent show Urbanstar Talent Quest where international singer Iggy Azalea and Pinoy Big Brother Teens winner Ylona Garcia joined at the beginning of their careers.

Selorio also emphasized the importance of embracing the unknown, but at the same time setting a goal. “Step out of that comfort zone and have a goal and see what happens. For me, I’d rather fail than not see what is going happen down the track. I don’t want to regret anything,” he explained.

Next is volleyball player and TV host, Gretchen Ho. Five years ago, Gretchen never imagined herself being a host. Five years later, she is now a regular host of the news program Umagang Kay Ganda (A Beautiful Morning) and ANC’s lifestyle program Modern Girls. Transitioning from being an athlete to a host was not easy, but embracing the uncertainty carved out the path towards her purpose.

Lastly, dancer Eman Rodriguez recalled how he had to go through a lot of rejection, but he did not let this dishearten him and just kept moving forward. “Move on, take that straight away before it goes deep into ‘I’m not good enough.’ It is not about having a break, it is about working harder,” he said.

Providing a lit performance is the JMA Dance Crew with Eman Rodriguez that was choreographed by Maurice June, one of the founders of JMA Entertainment, the talent agency behind the popular Australian dance group Justice Crew.

Watch out for the upcoming TFCU Talks event by visiting the TFCU website and the official Facebook page.

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