Chad Angeles: the newest singer you should check out

throy Catan

By: Throy Catan

Last week, April 13, singer Chad Angeles performed live on MB Life. He sang his heart out to the popular songs from yesteryear to today. A 20-year-old Lasallista was known for his versatile voice that can perform songs with different genre, such as lo-fi hip hop, and jazz.

Chad was originally from Bacolod, and his parents decided to migrate in Manila. At an age of 12, his parents discovered his talent in singing. Because of this, they decided to enroll Chad in Muzik Korner owned by singer Roselle Nava. He started his singing career when he joined the LSGH event billed as “Tatak Greenhills” handled by LSGH alumnus Tony Atayde.

He started his performance when he sang Sunday Morning by Maroon 5. After that, he sang Billy Paul‘s jazz classic, Me and Mrs. Jones. According to him, the song has different interpretations: it’s about third-party, a party crasher, or a homewrecker. In his third and last song, he sang Gary V. version of How Did You Know?.

For more information about Chad Angeles, check out his songs on Soundcloud.

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