Singer-actress Tori Garcia, future Beauty Queen!

throy Catan

By: Throy Catan

DURING the launch of Barangay Anti-Drug Anti-Crime (BADAC) and Durugin ang Droga (DAD) drug campaign last Saturday, March 24; a lot of people asking me if Singapore’s Sweetheart and D.A.D. Ambassadress Tori Garcia (or Ariana Viktoria Aquino Garcia in real life) has already participated in beauty pageants. Even before, from press people to beauticians, people notice the Singapore-born actress’s alluring beauty and stature.

We asked Tori if she’s willing to join in a beauty pageant: “Of course naman po. Okay po sa akin na sumali sa beauty contest at mahanay sa mga kandidata ng Miss World or Miss Universe.”

Did people ask her “Madalas po. People always told me that I’m a beauty queen. My manager and I laughed about it.” She laughed.

Well, as a writer and a beau con enthusiast, I think she has what it takes to be the next beauty queen. She has the looks and the brain. In fact, she graduated in two courses, including Mass Communication and Literature. Her height is 5’6″, has a vital statistics of 36-24-34, and she’s only 21 years old.

Tori is the former host of GMA’s afternoon variety show, Wowowin. She’s also one of the cast of Cinemalaya 2017’s Ang Guro Kong ‘Di Marunong Magbasa, Kamandag ng Droga directed by Carlo J. CaparasDurugin ang Droga (DAD), and her international film, Live in Manila. She’s also part of ABS-CBN’s top-rated teleseryes like La Luna Sangre and Wildflower. Solo Para Adultos is her first theater play, and received numerous positive comments about her acting prowess from critics.

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