Let’s talk about sex, love, and fame with April Gustilo, and Vivo Ouano in Solo Para Adultos

throy Catan

Ni: Throy catan

APRIL Gustilo, and Vivo Ouano proved that they already have guts to perform onstage even though Solo Para Adultos was their first play. Now, SPA will return onstage in February. This is  the result of positive feedbacks from the audience. Audience were all entertained and applaud on every actors’ punchlines (and dirty jokes).

The story goes when Veronica Fox (April Gustilo), a female porn star who comes back to her native land to make a meaningful pornographic film. She gets reunited with her long-lost lover—Alfred (Vivo Ouano), but their past becomes even more complicated with another party involved with a matinee actor—JV San Miguel (John Raspado). After years of separation from each other—both Veronica and Alfred get intimate with each other again. More and more challenges surface as they work together in a film project.


Also starring Tori Garcia, John Raspado and Andres Vasquez . Together with  Brylle Mondejar, Dodi Dizon, Mosang, Abet Raz, Genesis Gallios, Racing Chat, Ezequiel Hontiveros, Tina Dela Cruz, and Neil Suarez.

Solo Para Adultos was produced by Yaun Barron Ho of Red Lantern Productions. It is written by AJ Rollon, James Golla and Alejandro ‘Bong’ Ramos’, also under his direction. We would like to thank production manager, Domingo Almoete. You can also watch her live this coming February 10 at the Music Museum.

Tickets are on sale now online. Tickets are at ₱2,000 (VIP), ₱1,500 (Orchestra Center), ₱750 (Orchestra Sides) and ₱500 (Balcony).

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