Star of “Solo Para Adultos”, victim of an investment scam

throy Catan

By: Throy Catan

The Porn Queen

Solo Para Adultos star, April “Congratulations” Gustilo was a victim of an investment scam. Yesterday, January 5th, I personally asked her about this incident.

According to her, she was introduced to the man named Kyros Onio. Kyros is a family friend of his ex-boyfriend, William Arthur Ang who’s related to Charlie “Atong” Ang. April gave Kyros P800,000 cash as an initial payment of her investment. He promised that she will received P 1.75 million after 30 days. 6 months later, Kyros didn’t show up without a trace. Does William aware about his friend’s action? Or maybe William and Kyros are accomplice to the crime?

April also mentioned her problem about her house she bought in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. She paid for the house and lot worth P 1.250 million to its former owner, Colonel Mejica and her land agent, Ms. Belen. One year later, April haven’t received the title of the house, despite of the fact that it’s already fully-paid.

What lesson she learned about these unfortunate events? “Don’t trust too much, at kung gusto mong mag-negosyo, sa ‘iyo na lang… ‘Wag magtitiwala sa taong hindi kilala at huwag basta-basta magbitaw ng pera. Masakit for me, pero bawi na lang next time.”

April Gustilo made a name via ABS-CBN 2’s noontime game as the dancing ‘congratulations’ girl in 2009 and eventually appeared on several shows on TV5 and GMA-7. She’s currently on Kapuso teleserye, Ika-6 na Utos, and a manager of a restaurant. You can also watch her live on her upcoming play Solo Para Adultos,  this coming feb 10 and 17 @ Music Museum with co- star :  Tori Garcia, Andres VasquezVivo Ouano, and John Raspado. Together with Brylle Mondejar, Dodie Dizon, Mosang , Abet Raz, Genesis Gallios, Neil Suarez, Ezekiel Hontiveros, Racing Chat and more.

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