Prepare to laugh out loud with “The Revenger Squad” via TFC@theMovies

throy Catan

By: Throy Catan

Vice Ganda

SIX-time Phenomenal Box-Office Star, Vice Ganda stars in a Superhero film The Revenger Squad. This Star Cinema and Viva Films movie will screen in cinemas nationwide on Christmas day as part of the 43rd Metro Manila Film Festival.

Vice Ganda is not the only notable star in the movie. It also stars Daniel Padilla, Wacky Kiray, JJ Quilantang, MC Calaquian, Lassy Marquez, Carla Estrada, and introducing 2015 Miss Universe Ms. Pia Wurtzbach.

Follow the story of Gandarra and the rest of the gang

The story of The Revenger Squad revolves around makeup and rags reseller Emy (Vice Ganda) who, despite his faulty memory, never forgets to guard his younger brother Chino (Daniel Padilla) from harm – to the point of becoming overprotective of his younger brother. The fun begins when Chino turns 21 and Emy remembers the truth about them – that he is the superhero Gandarra and that Chino’s super abilities will soon activate now that he is an adult. Wanting to shelter Chino from the dangers of being a superhero, Emy keeps the truth from his brother and becomes even more protective.

This, until a new superhero emerges, Rapiddo, who Emy discovers is his younger brother Chino. He then decides to become Gandarra again to secretly help and protect his brother. Together with Emy’s super best buddies, Gandarra and Rapiddo become a squad of superheroes who treat each other as family.

The conflict begins when the eccentric superhero Kweenie (Pia Wurtzbach) enters their lives and drops the truth that could break their family.

Completing the team of GandarraKweenie, and Rapiddo are the motley group of lovable super heroes namely Barna (Carla Estrada), Higopa (MC Calaquian), Flawlessa (Lassy Marquez), Pospora (Wacky Kiray), and Enrique Heal (JJ Quilantang).

What makes a hero super? Is it special abilities and superpowers? Or is it the innate ability of the hero to love? Will love, laughter, and joy save the day from the forces of evil?

Watch it via TFC@theMovies

Find out and witness the adventures of the newest defenders of the world in “The Revengers Squad”, which will screen outside the Philippines via TFC@theMovies on the following dates and countries:

  • Australia and New Zealand (December 28)
  • U.S. and Canada (December 29)
  • United Kingdom (December 29, 30, and 31)
  • Austria (December 29 and 30)
  • Rome, Italy (December 31)
  • Thailand on January 6 and 7
  • Milan and Torino, Italy (January 7)
  • Malta and Taiwan (January 7)
  • Madrid, Spain (January 7)
  • Papua New Guinea and Brunei (January 11)
  • Saipan (January 12)
  • Hong Kong and Singapore (January 14), and soon in other countries.

For more info, visit TFC Facebook page. You can also follow KapamilyaTFC and KapamilyaGlobalPR on Twitter and Instagram.

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