QCinema changes the BALANGIGA: Howling Wilderness’ MTRCB rating from Rated G to Rated R-13

BY: Jo-Marie Bala

YESTERDAY, the people behind the movie, BALANGIGA: Howling Wilderness, gave their reaction on Facebook about the sudden change of MTRCB rating without explanation. They were shocked because, for three years, this is the first time that QCinema changed the MTRCB rating. “First, QCinema tells us we can self-regulate. (MTRCB gave QCinema this extraordinary power for three years.)”

They only found out about this the next day after the premiere. “The next day, R-13 na ang Balangiga: Howling Wilderness. Just like that, R-13. Ganun ka biglaan. Walang ni ha o ni ho. May pa-text sa assistant lang. Meron ding Facebook pa-message na ‘fyi, pinapalitan ni Sir _____ to R13 ang Balangiga.'” So far, there’s no comment from QCinema about the incident.

The movie premiered last Saturday, October 21, at Trinoma; and received a lot of positive feedback from the audience. However, some people were concerned because they think it’s a bit too violent for kids. Khavn dela Cruz, the director of the film, said that kids are very smart. “We always think that kids can’t understand these things, but actually they’re really smart. It’s better to let them watch this kind of film so that they’re aware about the reality of life, and teach them that we must not do these things again in the future like war.”

BALANGIGA: Howling Wilderness is based on a true event about the Balangiga Massacre of 1901 during the Philippine-American War. The story is about an 8 year-old boy named Kulas. He flees Balangiga with his grandfather and their carabao to escape General Smith’s “Kill & Burn” order. During their trip, Kulas finds a baby around the corpses.


You can still watch BALANGIGA together with other seven films that are part of Circle Competition category including The Ashes and Ghosts of Tayug 1931, Dormitoryo (Mga Walang Katapusang Kwarto), Kulay Lila Ang Gabi na Binudburan Pa ng Mga Bituin, Medusae, Neomanila, The Write Moment, and The Chanters. QCinema 2017 is produced annually by the Quezon City Film Commission led by festival director Ed Lejano and supported by the office of Quezon City Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte. The festival ends until October 28.

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