Paolo Rivero joined La Luna Sangre


Paolo Rivero is back in acting. He’s one of the cast of ABS-CBN’s top-rated fantaserye, “La Luna Sangre” starring Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla.

In last week’s episode, they introduce a new character named Vergel (played by Paolo Rivero), a brave werewolf leader who came back from abroad to help his fellow luna and werewolves. Garie Concepcion is also starred in the show.


Paulo Rivero 4Paulo Rivero 3

Paolo is happy to come back in show business, because he become one of the cast of the show. He wish it maybe the start of his newfound career so that the producers and the directors fron TV and film will notice him. This would be his second chance to act again and do more projects.

Paolo Rivero started his acting career in 2000 from doing sexy roles to became a serious actor. He was nominated in a movie, Live Show in Gawad Urian for Best Actor. He became controvertial in the movie, Day Break, where he had a daring sexy scene with Coco Martin and was nominated for Best Actor in Gawad Urian. For the span of 17 years in show business, he had more that 100 movies and counting.

paolo 2


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